Video Part 4 - Power supply, phones and a VoIP connection

We're in the final days before I pack this thing into a van and take it to site... what's left to do?

Published at: 2024-05-25 12:00

Asterisk: Practicing Safe SIP

As part of the installation at EMF, I need an Asterisk server to act as a gateway between the PAX and the rest of the EMF phone network to help me route calls to the right places...

Published at: 2024-05-20 12:00

Connecting Strowger to VoIP

After many years of trying various options, I've settled on using Cisco voice routers as the interface between my strowger exchanges and the internet...

Published at: 2024-05-12 17:30

Video Part 3 - Trouble with Tie Lines

With phones, the more things you can ring, the more fun they are. For maximum funsies, I need to get the exchange talking to other exchanges...

Published at: 2024-05-07 17:00

Video Part 2 - Making Connections

Connecting phones to the phone exchange, and beyond!

Published at: 2024-04-22 17:00

Video Part 1 - Rearranging the shed

The journey to EMF starts with me rearranging the shed...

Published at: 2024-04-08 17:00

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