The event is now over, and the exchange is offline. The numbers below nolonger work. During the event, they only worked when the exchange was attended, as it wasn't robust enought to leave running all the time.

The demo phones should all be labelled with their extension numbers, but here are some more interesting numbers you can call:

Local calls

We only have limited space for phones on the table, so not every number on the exchange has a phone connected.

I've allocated the following numbers for demo phones,

25 - Demo Phone
26 - Demo Phone
45 - Demo Phone
47 - Demo Phone
55 - Exchange Phone
61 - Demo Phone
62 - Demo Phone
65 - Demo Phone
66 - Demo Phone

Call your own number to hear what "busy tone" sounds like!

Accessing the Tie Lines

The stowger exchange is equipped with "Tie Lines" that allow you to place calls to the outside world. We've got those connected up to an asterisk server, that is functioning as a VoIP gateway to several other services

From a demo phone connected to the strowger exchange, you can dial 38 to get a secondary dialtone from the Asterisk server... and from there you can call all sorts of things!

Asterisk Services

The Asterisk server hosts a few interesting services you can play with, for example:

38-11 - Test Message       - A recorded announcement for testing purposes
38-12 - Phone the Drone    - Phone the dystopian drone!

Calling out to EMF phones

From a demo phone connected to the strowger exchange, dial 38 to get secondary dialtone, then just call any other number on the EMF phone network!

For example:

38-7531 - Siteswaphone - Juggling notation validator
38-7656 - Pollen Forcast
38-7425 - No Spoilers!

For more numbers to call, check out the EMF Phonebook

Calling in from EMF phones

If you had a DECT phone, or a CuTEL phone in your tent you could call in to the demo phones (while the exchange was operational, and attended) by dialing 38 followed by the 2-digit extension number. Eg:

3825 - Demo Phone
3826 - Demo Phone
3845 - Demo Phone
3847 - Demo Phone
3855 - Used for outgoing caller-id, recorded message
3861 - Demo Phone
3862 - Demo Phone
3865 - Demo Phone
3866 - Demo Phone

EMF Phone numbers are a limited resource, so I haven't registered all 50 possible phone numbers. I'll try and keep the list of live demo phones up to date as things change!

Calling out to C*Net

C*Net is a global network of telephone collectors who have preserved equipment all over the world and made it available over VoIP. For more information about C*Net, see their website:

You can also access C*Net fron this PAX by dialling 38 to get secondary dialtone then 010 to access C*Net, then the C*Net Number.

For calls to UK C*Net numbers, we support STD number formats, for calls to the rest of the world you need to include the international prefix

For example, there is a speaking clock hosted on Bristol 6248080, and this installation is registered on a Bristol number:

Speaking Clock on Bristol 6248080

38-010-6248000          - Accessed as though you were dialling locally
38-010-02726248080      - Accessed using the UK STD code
38-010-44-2726248080    - Accessed using the full international code

38-010-1-8327777        - No Such Number announcement, hosted in the Connections Museum, Seattle, USA (may not be online)

38-010-0737-8081        - UK Speaking Clock                   (Hosted by Nicholas Booth)
38-010-1-784-3111       - Selection of recorded announcements (Hosted by Jody VanCleave)
38-010-1-857-3566       - Elmo sings the Chicken Song         (Hosted by Ken Spacil)
38-010-1-857-8441       - Rollerskating music                 (Hosted by Ken Spacil)
38-010-1-857-8442       - Rollerskating music                 (Hosted by Ken Spacil)

For more numbers to call, check out the C*Net public directory - but please be mindful of timezones when you're calling something that might reach a real person!

Calling in from C*Net

This installation was registered on C*Net as a set of Bristol (UK) numbers on +44-272-6249xx


+44-272-624925 - Demo Phone 
+44-272-624926 - Demo Phone